Jasper, IoT Platform Leader Enters Into Multiple Collaboration Deals To Accelerate Internet of Things Offerings


The global IoT platform leader, Jasper, has announced a number of collaboration deals with different companies to accelerate its IoT offerings across the globe.

The first collaboration deal is with the leading digital security firm Gemalto. Reports claim that both Jasper and Gemalto plan to deployment of IoT devices across the globe with the help of on-demand subscription management solution. As part of this partnership, the LinqUs On-Demand Connectivity of Gemalto and IoT platform of Jasper will be integrated to eliminate the complexity of deploying IoT services for device manufacturers, mobile operators and application providers. Using this combined solutions, users can manage their subscription on devices remotely via a single eSIM. More about this deal can be found here.


In another announcement, Jasper stated that it had partnered with Telular to expand its internet of things offerings for security and telematics. Telular is known for offering world-class IoT solutions for commercial security and telematics. As part of this collaboration deal, Jasper Control Center IoT platform is to be integrated with SkyBitz and Telguard products to enable security dealers and telematics providers reduce cost, increase productivity and deliver revenue generating services to their clients globally. More about this deal can be found here.

Jasper partnered with POST Luxembourg to launch internet of things services throughout Europe. With the help of their combined IoT and network platform, businesses can easily manage, launch and monetize IoT services. Enterprises in Europe can start offering IoT services using POST Luxembourg to improve the overall experience of their customers. You can click here and know more about this collaboration deal. Aledmys Diaz Womens Jersey


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