Jasper Gets Amazing Response In China, 500 Vendors Signup In 3 Months


The global IoT leader, Jasper, announced that its China Unicom Control Center IoT platform had received a wonderful response in China within first three months of availability. As per the reports, over 500 enterprises have already opted to activate trial accounts, and many more are likely to come on board over the next few weeks.


Apart from these 500 names, many other enterprises belonging to sectors like connected car, theft prevention, retail, wearables, etc. have decided to convert their trial accounts into paid accounts to ensure that they can deploy IoT services to their customers across China.

China is experiencing an excessive demand for Internet of Things. Most of the enterprises seek for an IoT platform that can help them manage, launch and monetize different Internet of Things services across China and other parts of the world in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner. Companies that want to be at the forefront of this IoT-led revolution are very much interested in the platform offered by China Unicom and Jasper.

According to Cindy Patterson, Chief Customer Officer at Jasper, China has a great future when it comes to Internet of Things. Platforms like the one offered by Jasper and China Unicom can help enterprises not only service their customers effectively but also create new sources to generate revenues.

Jasper will continue to update its users about further development of its projects from time to time.


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