IoT User Base In Korea Touches Magical 4 Million Mark


Government data shows that IoT uses in Korea have gone past 4 million figure after the recent hike in wearable device users. The report published by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning considered customer base up to September 2015 and claimed the total number to be 4.08 million as compared to 3.96 million in July 2015.


The data suggests a whopping growth in the number of Koreans using wearable devices. At the end of the September month, about 294,000 Koreans were using wearable devices. Samsung has recently made available its high-end smartwatch in Korea, which is likely to take this number further up.

The wearable concept was first introduced by Apple, which was soon copied by other companies all around the globe. Among many other players, Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled Samsung Gear S2 in early October to strengthen its place in smartwatch field.

The report also revealed mobile phones and smartphone subscribers in Korea. Total mobile phone subscribers in the country touched 58.4 million, while smartphone users hit a whopping 42.6 million mark.


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