IoT Product Showcase: Lightr – the future of charging


Lightr LLC is a multinational company situated in Newark Delaware. The company’s first product is Lightr pocket-sized Smart Charger- the future of charging. The company has just launched their website where the users can learn more about the smart charger. The company plans to start a crowdfunding campaign in mid-October on Indiegogo, where the product will become available for pre-orders.

The product contains a variety of features, including: 

Lightr smart charger: size and overall capacity – it can charge your phone, tablet, or a laptop with type C input up to 100%. It contains two parallel batteries, with each 750 MAH, so cumulatively it contains 1500 mAh. The Lightr provides charge to the device completely free of cables. The compact size makes it comfortable to use your device while connected to a charger.IoT

Universality: the Lightr smart charger works with any device: all types of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It comes with three magnetic connectors: including USB-C connector, Micro USB and Apple’s lightning.  This technology is small enough to be placed in the user’s smallest pocket. The magnetic connectors are entirely safe, and they don’t cause any harm to other things in your pocket such as credit cards or any other subjects with magnetic basis when interacted with them.

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The mobile app: the device comes with the smart app which allows Lightr to pair with the device using Bluetooth, providing phone’s battery usage analysis and notifying the user about the charger’s battery status. This also means the device uses only information about battery amortization and charging status; no personal data is used. Besides, it is not cloud-based, so the information is not exported and accumulated anywhere in any way. The app also analyzes the user’s phone using habits. In case if the user does not need a Bluetooth connection of Lightr for some period it, the Lightr does not lose any charge. The Bluetooth automatically goes to sleep mode if it is not used for a long time.

It’s environmentally friendly: One of the core concepts of the company’s ideology is the eco-friendliness of its products and facilities. The most of components and materials used in the production of Lightr smart charger are recyclable and reusable.

Battery Protection: The application is developed based on safety systems: by analyzing your battery information, it reduces the overcharge/discharge and short circuit risk.

Upon the successful finish of the crowdfunding campaign and the beginning of the production, the company plans to ship its product to anyplace on the planet.


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