IoT: 9 Innovative wearables other than the regular smart watches and fitness bands


As technologies evolve and newer innovation emerge, it makes life easier and we become more reliant on the technology. Yes, we are talking about wearables in the world of everything smart. Whenever we hear wearables, the first thing that comes to our mind is smart watches but we have lot many other wearables which are quite innovative and can lay the path for future. We have listed down our pick of 10 such innovative wearables. Take a look. Please note, the list is in no particular order and does not indicate ranking.

1. Radiate Athletics: 

Fitness/ health is the space where many of the wearables are concentrated. Smart Watches and fitness bands are a very good example of the same. So we decided to start the list with a health-focused wearable shirt, Radiate athletics.

Radiate athelete

This shirt is targeted towards the athletes and helps them monitor their exertion levels. It changes its colours in the location where the athlete is exerting the most. the vascular and blood flow pattern reflects in the shirt. Once the body cools down, the shirt returns to its original colour. You can know more about the shirt Here.

2. Instabeat:

Next one of the wearables is also again from the healthcare segment, Instabeat- a swimming monitor. It is a first of its kind waterproof device that helps swimmers track their progress. It mounts on swimming goggles and helps monitor heart rate, calories, laps & turns during swimming. It even projects a color on the lenses in real time to let you know how close you are to the finish. You can find more about the product Here.


3. Narrative:

Narrative is the world’s most wearable camera as they claim it. You can wear this camera anywhere you want on your body. It takes pictures every thirty seconds and comes in two different variations with different specs, one being 5 Megapixel and other being 8 Megapixel. It has an inbuilt GPS and can tag pictures with a location. It makes for an elaborate picture book of your life.


Higher variation of it offers features like uploading and safely storing your photos and videos in the Narrative Service when connected to a power outlet in reach of a recognized network Here

4. Lapka BAM:

It  is a ceramic finish device which helps in reading the alcohol level in the body. It is small enough to fit in your palm and connects to your smartphone wirelessly. You can activate it by blowing into the device. The major worry about replacing the mouthpiece is not there as you never have to touch your lips to the device.


There is no sync, no pairing and no special instructions. It works well with iOS & Android. The app can be downloaded from App store. Once charged it works for 2-3 months. The sensor used in the device is very precise. You can read more about the product Here.

5. Oura Ring:

Another device in the healthcare segment is Oura Ring. It is a wellness ring, which uses the ring and an app to monitor your sleep and helps you increase your ability to perform better. It enables you to learn how lifestyle choices affect your sleep. The ring can automatically tell you when you are sleeping based on the sensors. Samsung has recently launched one such device which assisted in sleeping. You can read more about the Samsung Device here. Oura ring

6. Skully:

This is my favourite from the List. This is a wearable helmet which most bikers would like.  It also looks very stylish for the style quotient requirements. It has GPS navigation system & shows critical information in line of sight. It comes equipped with a blind spot camera which shows everything happening around you. You can connect it to a smartphone. You can check out more details about the product here:


7. Quell:

It is a wearable meant for people who suffer from chronic pains condition. It is a drug free device which stimulated nerves below the knee, tricking the brain to release chemicals that relieves pain. It is FDA approved and easy to wear. Now this is some innovation that solves some real problems. You can find more details about the product here.


8. Lechal:

We all find assistance in the form of Google maps or other such apps in terms of finding the exact location of a place while we are driving but what if you wanted the same while you were walking a just a couple of blocks. Lechal, solves this exact problem. Once you wear the smart footwear and set the destination, Lechal shows you the way through gentle vibrations. You can find more details about it here.



9. Wepo

It is a small carbon-monoxide sensing box can be worn on the belt and notifies users about the quality of air around them. The mobile helps to track air quality and helps to see changing trends in environment. It notifies when air quality around user gets dangerous. The device connects to phone through Bluetooth. It packs a 2000mAH that will last around 20 hours. The app is available on Android and iOS. This seems to be quite innovative and unique in terms of applicability and might become more popular in regions with high pollution.



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