IOFIT (Smart Shoe) To Debut Globally At Mobile World Congress 2016


You may have heard about smart phones, smart watches, and smart cities, but possibilities of you hearing about smart shoes are almost negligible. With Mobile World Congress around the corner, such innovative products are making a lot of buzz lately.


Although IOFIT is considered as a wearable device, it’s different from all the wearable devices you might have come across so far. It’s a smart shoe, which has been kept in a unique category of its own. IOFIT has been developed by Salted Venture, a modern-era startup getting full support from Samsung Electronics. It uses a unique combination of a coaching app and pressure sensors to improve users’ body posture and balance, resulting in better golf swing or fitness routine.

Talking about the driving force behind creating IOFIT, Salted Venture’s CEO Jacob Cho said that feet send a lot of valuable data, which otherwise go waste. With the help of IOFIT, this information can be used to add value to users’ lives.

It was Samsung’s C-Lab, an innovation program helping employees nurture creative ideas, where IOFIT was first thought about by a team of techies. They soon left the company after the idea of IOFIT struck their mind to establish Salted Venture.

The founding team has worked hard to keep the product cost-effective yet feature-rich. It can easily measure users’ weight shift, balance, the location of the center of gravity, contact force, etc. to offer an injury free golf and fitness experience. You can click here and know more about IOFIT. Craig Smith Authentic Jersey


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