Internet Society Released A Whitepaper; Covers Challenges In IoT World


Towards the end of the first decade of 21st century, the number of devices connected to internet on earth surpassed the number of total people alive. The world is now going to touch another milestone in a few years’ time i.e. having over 50 billion internet of things connected devices by 2020. Internet Society released a detailed whitepaper covering challenges and issues in tomorrow’s internet of things-led world. Here are a few highlights from the paper.


Security & Privacy Issues

Security and privacy challenges aren’t new to technology world; however, with the emergence of IoT, they are surely going to touch the next level. It’s of uttermost importance to all the device manufacturers to define perfect security and privacy standards so that users don’t fall into any trouble.

Interoperability / Standards

In future, fragmented environment and technical implementations can cause problems. Issues like vendor lock-in, high-ownership complexity and lack of feasibility may drive customers away from service providers. Proper standards to operate internet of things services will be necessary.

Regulatory Issues

There are many regulatory requirements that one has to keep a note of while using internet. As internet of things emerges as a major industry, many new issues may arise. All the major countries need to come up with a proper ecosystem to deal with them.

To know more about these issues and challenges, you can click here and access the document.


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