Internet of Things Devices In Japan To Have 020 As Prefix


Japan’s communications ministry panel has decided to use 020 as the prefix for the mobile numbers of all the devices that are likely to be a part of Internet of Things network. The news was reported in Japan Times.


IoT is a network containing different devices that can establish wireless connections with each other and communicate in a hassle-free manner. The announcement regarding the inclusion of 020 as the prefix was made in a report on Friday. It will be finalized by the end of the year after taking feedback from the public.

The communications ministry of Japan is looking forward to rolling out Internet of Things in the country by April 2016. Once IoT becomes a part of day-to-day life, many tasks that require manual efforts and many days to finish will get accomplished in a matter of few minutes.

Japan is expecting a huge demand for IoT devices; hence, it doesn’t want to take any risk at this point. Allotting a separate prefix is part of a nation-wide strategy that the government’s working on.

With ever increasing mobile users, the government thinks that the conventional 080, 090 and 070 prefixes will be over by 2018; hence,  it has also launched a new prefix 060 for mobile phones.



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