Intel Transforming From A PC Company Into A Cloud And IoT Focused Company


From a PC focused company to a cloud and IoT focused business, Intel has come a long way in the past few years. Now, it’s investing a major part of its resources on cloud computing and connected smart devices to make the best use of internet of things technology.


Amid many great initiatives of Intel, one that has got everyone’s attention is autonomous driving. A report claims that Americans drive for over 75 billion hours in a year, which may lead to a $507 billion productivity gain if an appropriate solution is launched in the market. Even though the market has a huge potential for self-driving cars, issues related to connectivity, computing, machine learning, security, functional safety and human machine interface need to be solved properly before everything else.

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In order to get rid of these challenges, Intel has already started working on over-the-air software management and functional safety. Besides, it plans to sort out an appropriate solution for computer vision that’s required for the car to see and interpret things/objects on the road. In this direction, Intel acquired Computer Vision expert Itseez Inc. on May 25, 2016. Intel’s senior management team believes that Itseez will help it create end-to-end IoT solutions in the coming months.

Itseez Inc. will be a part of company’s IoT vertical. Going forward, it may acquire more such companies in an attempt to strengthen its connected device and cloud segment. More details about company’s future plans can be found hereChris Ivory Womens Jersey


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