Intel Planning To Unify Bitcoin Transactions And Internet of Things


Internet of Things is certainly the future of technology, and Intel doesn’t want to miss the boat at any condition. The evidence of Intel’s persuasion of IoT was seen during annual Intel Developer Forum that took place on August 18, 2015. Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO did something that nobody had predicted after finishing his 90-minute long keynote speech. Krzanich unveiled a row of spiders (robotic spiders) that could be controlled by simple hand gestures.

Later he revealed that Intel was working on Internet of Things for some time, and these robotic spiders were a part of the project. Some of the other wild projects he spoke about include – a vending machine that can remember your face and food items you order most, a smartphone that can 3D map the entire room within a matter of few seconds or a mirror that can change the color of your dress in real time.

Internet of Things is knocking the door and will take over the world soon. It will require fast processing chips to process the data in a hassle-free way. Intel wants to be the one-stop solution for such chips in the future. Bitcoins can play an important role in associating finance with Internet of Things. When devices start communicating with each other, finance will need such tools that can execute certain tasks automatically as and when needed, without any manual interruption. If IoT and Bitcoin club together, this wild dream can transform into reality.

It’s still just a thought, and nothing more can be forecasted until Bitcoin companies take the initiative and start working on this idea.


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