Intel, Nokia, Ericsson Support Narrow-Band Long-Term Evolution For IoT


The popularity of Internet of Things has been increasing ever since it came into existence. Each day more and more companies are showing their inclination towards this field to explore the endless opportunities available for everyone. Intel, Nokia and Ericsson are three popular names among others that have unveiled many strategies focusing on IoT.

As of now, three of these market leaders have decided to lend their support to Narrow-Band Long-Term Evolution technology, better known as NB-LTE, for rapidly increasing Internet of Things market.

What is NB-LTE

It’s an optimized variant of 4G LTE technology and has the potential to work for IoT market segment due to low implementation cost, power efficiency and ease of use. Intel is planning to carry out operations with the help of Ericsson and Nokia to launch products needed for the commercialization of Narrow-Band Long-Term Evolution technology.

The commercial rollout of this technology is expected begin starting from 2016. As per the reports, both Ericsson and Nokia will help Intel by offering an efficient network upgrade that can support an extension of LTE network with Narrow-Band Long-Term Evolution technology. This upgrade is likely to focus on low-power M2M communication.



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