Intel Announces New Reference Architecture, Hardware & Software For IoT Marketplace


As part of its initiative to offer some of the most sought-after products for IoT marketplace, Intel announced two new Internet of Things reference architectures and a few IoT-based products, including Intel Quark processors for IoT, analytics capabilities and simple operating systems equipped with a comprehensive cloud suite from Wind River.


All of these products are designed to develop smart, secure and connected solutions from ordinary things to the cloud.

Intel’s working with a number of well-recognized companies belonging to different segments to work on the scaling of IoT projects. One such name is Levi Strauss & Co., which has teamed up with Intel to work on a proof of concept for its IoT platform that can address inventory management related issues at three of its stores.

With the help of this inventory management solution, Levi’s can instantly check the item available for sale on store’s shelf. Apart from this the company can also actively monitor whether an item’s running low. This solution can help Levi’s offer an effective service, helping customers to find any product that they may need, on the shelf.

The new IoT reference architecture announced by the company is poised to enable the broad ecosystem that can develop and integrate smart things in a secure environment.

SAP has already announced that it’s interested in trying this architecture. Many other leading players are expected to come on board with the passage of time.


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