Intel Announces IoT-Powered Retail Solution With Strong Analytics


Internet of Things continues to be the primary objective for major tech companies. Joining the list of others, Intel announced its newest IoT-powered retail technological innovation to established a secure network between retailers and customers. Along with IoT-Powered retail solution, it also announced many other tech solutions featuring brands like Brooks Brothers, Boulanger, Coop, Nordstrom and Levi Strauss & Co.


The new IoT-Powered retail solution is claimed to enable retail systems with solid analytics. Some of the innovative solutions that Intel looks forward to power the IoT industry with include-

  • Foot Scanning Solution at Nordstrom. It uses Volumental technology and can be used to give a proper recommendation for shoes.
  • Digital Scanning– This solution is equipped with Intel RealSense and uses Size Stream for body measurement to make Brooks Brothers shirt.
  • Capgemini solution powered by Intel Core processor and Intel RealSense technology. It can translate small-scale building blocks into 3-D store layouts or rooms allowing customers to enter into a virtual reality mode and design spaces according to their wish.

Retail market upholds the future of world economy and IoT can make the standard proceedings a lot easier than they are now. The number of retailers investing in data analytics software and technology has increased 100% over the last 12 months, which unveils of how fast the retail market is adapting modern-day technologies.

These IoT-powered retail solutions by Intel are expected to not only help the retailers increase their sales and lower cost, but also engage with them and have more visibility about their shopping patterns.

The new Intel Retail Sensor Platform is the only end-to-end solution that brings together Intel-based gateway, Intel-based retail sensor and Intel Trusted Analytics Platform to present an affordable way to gather real-time, actionable intelligence – leading to more conversions than ever without increasing the cost.

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