Intel And Honeywell Demonstrate Wearable Solutions To Improve Productivity And Reduce Workplace Injury


To reduce workplace injuries and enhance productivity, Intel and Honeywell demonstrated wearable IoT connected safety solutions for first responders and industrial workers at the IoT Insights Day event organized by the former. It’s an annual event that focuses on innovative IoT-based hardware and software developed by Intel and its partner companies.


The Honeywell Connected Worker solution focuses on ensuring the safety of workers and communicating to employers as how workers feel while doing their job.

The solution comprises of a Mobile Hub, which collects information from different sensors on a worker, poised to give a clearer and more accurate picture of different experiences he goes through on day to day basis. The Mobile Hub collects the data from the heart rate monitor called  self-contained breathing apparatus or SCBA, Quark SE microcontroller based devices – non-verbal gesture device, activity detection device and toxic gas monitor.

The solution takes into account several parameters, like toxic gas exposure, heart rate, breathing, motion and posture to judge their state of mind. The information collected in this way is displayed remotely on a cloud-based dashboard to senior managers and plant managers.

Based on this information, potential man-down scenarios can be predicted and workers can be provided extra protection, if needed. Additionally, this data can also be used to predict equipment failure; thereby enhancing productivity and controlling idle-time.

More information about this IoT-based solution is available here.


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