Inmarsat Announces New IoT and M2M Strategies


The amazing growth rate of Machine-To-Machine and Internet of Things communication applications isn’t unknown to anyone. Almost all the major tech giants are trying to cash in on endless opportunities that are available in these fields. The newest name in this long list of market leaders is Inmarsat, which has announced its new IoT and M2M strategies.

According to reports, Inmarsat is trying to form and strengthen partnerships with VARs (Value Added Resellers) to add their innovative solutions with the core strengths of its network. The primary objective of Inmarsat behind forming such partnerships is to offer customers end-to-end services that can enable them to monitor and control their mobile and physical assets from anywhere in the world.

The senior management of Inmarsat is delighted to announce these partnerships and hope that they will help the company achieve desired results. According to David Wigglesworth, VP- Internet of Everywhere, Inmarsat, “The reliability and reach of company’s network are turning things around.” He further adds that no other mobile satellite company is capable of providing as many M2M and IoT solutions as Inmarsat in today’s time.

Its L-band M2M network is known for offering a host of services equipped with features like unequalled scalability and reliability, great coverage, ROT driven connectivity, etc. It looks forward to improving the overall capacity of its network to address customers’ needs in an efficient way.



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