Inmarsat And Ericsson Partner To Makes Ships Smarter


Inmarsat, better known for providing global mobile satellite communications services, has entered into a strategic deal with another market leader in communication technology world, Ericsson. As per the reports, the strategic maritime deal will allow them to share vessel operational data, logistics, cargo, etc. to streamline the maritime supply chain management field thus making the ships smarter.


The two companies will work together to develop new solutions, services and applications that can bolster the application integration and satellite connectivity standards in the maritime industry. With the increased use of IoT services and M2M communication, many industries have witnessed a surge in demand for automated tools and cloud-based services.

As part of this deal, Ericsson has executed a distribution contract to make available XpressLink for the maritime market. It’s the combined Ku-band and L-band VSAT network owned and operated by Inmarsat. With the help of XpressLink, one can easily upgrade to the Fleet Xpress service of Inmarsat. The deal will also open new doors for integration between the global connectivity that’s delivered over Inmarsat’s network and Maritime ICT Cloud service of Ericsson.

The ICT Cloud service is an end-to-end cloud-based solution that establishes a strong link between shore-based operations and vessels at sea with the help of IoT services. Click here to know more about this service and the strategic deal between these two companies.


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