Infineon And Kostal Present 6th Sense In Cars To Improve Traffic Safety


A report claims that over 25,700 people were killed on roads in 2014 throughout Europe, which means 70 odd deaths on an average. The prime reason for most of these accidents was lack of attention from drivers while driving the cars.

These numbers are disturbing and have prompted scientists to develop a system that could assist the driver and reduce the number of people die on roads due to lack of attention. In this series, Infineon Technologies AG and Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG have joined hands together to equip all the cars with the sixth sense to prevent road accidents.

What’s Sixth Sense In Cars

As part of this new initiative, Kostal has decided to present a camera-based assistance system at the 2015 International Motor Show. The know-how of this system is to be developed by Infineon.

As per the reports, the system is capable of detecting signs of drowsiness or distraction from drivers. As soon as the system detects any such sign, it warns the driver instantly with a loud tone or vibrating in seat, for instance. If driver doesn’t respond within the given timeline, the system activates the automatic braking system to avoid any potential accident. The system comes with a 3D camera that tracks users’ eyelids and responds quickly in case of an uncommon act.


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