Industry Mocks Widely Promoted Badlock Bug In Microsoft Devices


Over the last few weeks, industry experts and tech enthusiasts from Samba had been warning Windows users about a bug that could harm their devices badly. Samba is a tool that’s used by users to make Windows work in a hassle-free manner with Unix and Linux systems.

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As per the reports, Samba consultants worked for months with Microsoft to patch this bug named badlock. It was first found out by a German firm called SerNet, which even created a website dedicated to badlock, designed a logo, started a marketing campaign and warned the users to be ready for April 12, 2016, the day on which it was supposed to finish the patch and reveal all the scary details about the bug.

However, things didn’t work out as expected when it announced the details about badlock on Tuesday. Users and industry experts started mocking SerNet on Tuesday for misleading them and spreading false rumors. Everyone was expecting badlock to be another Heartbleed that caused a lot of troubles to internet users a couple of years ago, but the reality was completely different.

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A major daily claimed that the bug was harmful and could allow a hacker to access users’ systems, control Windows systems and unlock password directory. However, to do all this, the attacker needs to be present inside a network. Unless he’s present inside a network, he can’t cause any harm to the users.

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