Industrial Internet Consortium Approves IoT Testbed Solution from Fujitsu


As IoT is gaining faster than expected; different market leaders are launching tools to enhance the overall experience of the customers. In this series, Fujitsu has publicly announced that its IoT testbed solution model has been approved by IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium). Fujitsu took the help of a host of product experts and used many trials on this model to ensure that it could live up to clients’ expectations.


One of the proposals made by this new model talks about using cloud service for integrating different information in a hassle-free way. The prime objective of Fujitsu behind developing this model is to enable companies in building an ecosystem of analytic, sensors, and many other technologies; thereby addressing customers’ needs in a hassle-free way.

Industrial Internet Consortium was founded in 2014 to enhance the adoption, development and use of Internet of Things. In a short span of time, over 200 companies from 26 nations have adjoined hands with IIC.

Fujitsu is the only Japanese company that has decided to opt for IIC’s services at this point. Its testbed model focuses on using IoT to mold production activities in such a way that workers can remain motivated throughout the production cycle. After approval from IIC, Fujitsu is confident about adoption of this model by other companies in the future. Washington Redskins Authentic Jersey


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