Indian Startup CaRPM Makes Smart Car Ownership More Affordable

Wouldn’t it be nice if your car could tell you what’s wrong with it the next time you had to go to a mechanic? What if you could increase your car’s fuel economy, and spend that money somewhere else?
CaRPM is one such app that helps car owners do exactly that. Founded by IIT-Guwahati alumni, this startup aims to make smart car ownership in India more affordable. One of India’s first connected car platforms, CaRPM helps its users become better drivers, monitor their car’s expenses and track its usage.
CaRPM connects you to your car through an OBDII dongle that is plugged into a port located below your car’s steering panel. The CaRPM mobile app connects to this dongle via Bluetooth and gathers data about the car’s performance in real time. With the help of its proprietary algorithms, it analyzes your driving patterns and will give you personalized recommendations on how to become better drivers. By improving their driving behavior, car owners can save upto 25% on fuel bills.
Not only this, if your car’s Check Engine Light ever comes on, CaRPM decodes the reason behind the light and pinpoints to the exact sensor that’s malfunctioning. Armed with this knowledge, you will know exactly what to pay for at a mechanic’s.
So, the next time you drive, do think about how each action of yours affects your car. And if you are wondering if something can be done better, then come join the CaRPM community.
To become a smart car owner today, download the CaRPM app here:
And to purchase a dongle, write to
More details about the company can be found here.

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