India Update: TCS And Intel Partner To Launch Center of Excellence For Internet of Things Solutions In Hyderabad


Fast-paced internet of things industry has prompted tech leaders TCS and Intel to come together and form a Center of Excellence (CoE), fully dedicated to the internet of things solutions. As per the reports, it will be located in TCS Hyderabad campus.


The global internet of things industry is going to create revenue opportunities worth trillion dollars by covering over 50 billion devices over the next four years time. With the help of this initiative, both the companies will work on developing new technologies focusing in IoT. One major emphasis of this center will be on developing solutions for industries like Manufacturing, Retail, Semiconductors, Hi-Tech, Telecom, Healthcare, etc.

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The center will work towards integrating IoT solutions that are developed by TCS on Intel’s IoT platforms so that they can fast-track the development of end-to-end solutions. In the long term, Center of Excellence will implement sound cloud computing, simplify product development, establish strong IoT ecosystem and revamp the Software Defined Network.

As part of this association, Intel will provide its world-class IoT Platform reference architecture to develop new technologies and pave the way for further innovation. Further information about the CoE and the importance of this association for the growth of internet of things industry can be found here.


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