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Startup Update: PhotoElectricChefs || Service: Home Automation || Location: Bangalore

The PhotoElectricChefs Innovation Hub is the newest but quickly becoming prominent player in the Home Automation Market. Led by a team of engineers specializing in electronics, mechanics and management; the start-up aims at making luxury reach the common man by providing an impressive, yet inexpensive range of Smart Home Solutions.

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Smart Motion Sensors: 

One of the first products churned out was the Smart Motion Sensor. As any similar product, this enables automated illumination in a given space when movement is detected. In comparison to the products existing in the market, the Smart Motion Sensor from PEC is able to detect movement even in low ambient conditions making it a powerful contender. This product led to the formulation of a broad spectrum of automation solutions done in-house incorporating indigenous components which allows for the lower price.

Turn your home smart with PEC: Home Automation at its best

PEC provides you with many solutions which you can cherry pick to your liking. You can control the lights of your home (including ON/OFF and dim level) and the speed of the fan with the touch of a button, using a custom built mobile application. If you realize after leaving home, that you might have forgotten to turn your appliances ON or OFF, you can monitor and control their status using the app. You can get back to a cool home on a hot summer day by scheduling your AC to turn on minutes before your cab drops you back home. Your Living Room and Prayer Room can be automatically lit as soon as the ambient light becomes very low, say during Sunset, even without you needing to intervene every time. You can schedule your geyser to turn ON at a particular time every morning and get hot water as soon as you are woken by your alarm clock. All the delays caused by the need of your intervention will go away and you will be able to efficiently manage your time.

In the mood for a movie or a romantic evening at home? You can set the mood of your room with just the click of a button. You can have high quality audio and video streaming to a TV located in any part of your house directly from your mobile phone. Planning to step out for a while and need to turn off most unnecessary electronics, you can just switch to the “out of home” mode.

Along with all of these, you can also automate your garden and have irrigation when your plants need water the most.

Secure your smart home: 

In these days of increasing crime, PEC understands that security is one of the highest concerns to their clients. PEC automation products integrated with a camera enables you to monitor your home at regular intervals. The camera can also be programmed to start recording when there is some activity happening in the vicinity of your door step. You can receive notifications when your camera has detected and is recording activity at your door step. In addition to monitoring, PEC can arm your house with door locks which can be remotely controlled and which send you notifications when somebody uses your door. You can even use this technology to arm a small vault carrying valuables inside your home.

You can also interact with your visitors at your door step from anywhere in your home using the localized video door phone coupled to a small hand held remote. If you do not want to entertain them and pretend like nobody is at home at the moment, you can even have a computer modulated voice convey your message for you.

Other services offered by PEC: 

PEC also has a dedicated wing which continues to provide product development and design consultancy services for young entrepreneurs and other established businesses. One of the most frequent services is the 3D design and prototyping of casings for various applications.


The Journey of PEC:

The journey began with a bunch of young and enthusiastic friends, budding engineer each one, with diverse interests. The lot came together to participate in various fests organized by the top notch universities across India only to realise that what they had been learning at college was barely sufficient to bridge the academia-industry gap. With all that their adventures had taught them; in their final year, they set out to conduct workshops on robotics for students just like them, in the hope that it would make a long lasting impact on the students to learn better and keep up with the current day skill requirements. The perfect combination of theoretical and practical knowledge displayed by the team, attracted requests from different organizations for assistance in a large spectrum of short term projects and products. This not only helped the team build a very strong skill set, but also discover their true calling. They decided to start the PhotoElectricChefs Innovation Hub and focus in the area of Home Automation.

PEC soon started receiving offers from clients where the requirements were rather flamboyant and required a fair amount of customization. In order to meet customer requirements PEC also integrates off the shelf solutions.

Transform your home now: 

PEC comprises of a team of solution architects thrilled to take on challenges posed by customer requirements and strive to exceed their expectations. On asking how they handle the diverse requirements, one of the co-founders says “Few of the most contradicting requirements always come from a husband and a wife. In such scenarios, we sit down and have a talk where we can find a way to include and improvise solutions to provide the best experience for the couple. PEC gives the utmost priority to understanding the requirements of their customers”. PEC prides itself in optimizing the use of minimal components in their products and deliver maximum value through it.

They have an experience centre in the heart of the city – Malleshwaram, you could schedule a demo to experience the world of automation. Home Automation is definitely the need of the current age. If you are looking to automate your home, you should definitely consult with PEC.

Website: PhotoElectricChefs


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