India Update: A new IoT incubator to be launched in India (Hyderabad)


The ever increasing demand for the Internet of Things IoT across the globe and depth of Indian tech startup culture has prompted Flexeye to open a new HyperCat incubator and accelerator centre in the Hi-Tech city of Hyderabad, India.


The prime focus of this centre will be to help start-ups in gaining access to world-class technology, skills, and various funding opportunities to carry out the developmental initiatives regarding the smart-city project and the internet of things.

HyperCat is a group of international business organizations supported by UK Government and led by Flexeye, whose primary objective is to make the internet of things technology more interoperable and discoverable. A recently conducted McKinsey study unveiled that there’s an urgent need for this interoperability to unlock at least 40% of the future $11 trillion internets of things industry.

All the startups working at the centre will get to know how HyperCat standard could be implemented in day-to-day IoT -focused operations to unlock its potential to the best of its abilities. It will work closely with the industry experts to present lucrative funding opportunities for startups working on IoT -based projects.

A similar approach has been implemented in the UK some time back, and Flexeye hopes that it will repeat same success story in India as well. You can click here to know more about this program and future perspectives.


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