India Update: 2 Additional Labs To Power Internet of Things


Nasscom (National Association of Software and Services Companies) and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology have decided to jointly set up two labs that can power research work on Internet of Things.


In a recent press statement, K. Purushothaman, Regional Director of Nasscom, said that the authorities had decided to establish these labs in Bangalore and Chennai. He was present at VIT Chennai to address technocrats, academicians and researchers at the launch event of a Conclave on Internet of Things.

Both Nasscom and DeitY are working closely with a host of stakeholders, including IIT Madras to execute this project in an effective manner. IoT connects different devices and enables them to communicate with humans in day to day life. In 2013, people started talking about different ways in which Internet of Things could improve everyone’s life; by 2020 it will turn into a $29 billion market.

“Conclaves like this are great ways to educate people about IoT and give different businesses a chance to create partnerships, alliances and new offerings in a hassle-free way,”  he added. T.K. Ramachandran, IT Principal Secretary, said that users would get limitless bandwidth in the future as part of NFN (National Fibre Network).

The manufacturing work has already begun in Bangalore and Chennai.



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