India: IoT in Agriculture Usecase


As IoT evolves and grows, it finds much more usability and application in different industries. One such unique application which helps solve real-life challenge in seen in India where technology is used to address a very common problem.


As reported by The Hindu, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has developed an android based app which collects real-time information to assess the damage to agricultural crop due to hailstorm. This is a classic example of how IoT is used in agriculture.

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Due to uncertain weather conditions, lot of agriculture crops get damage prompting farmers to apply for insurance. Availability of real-time data will help the officials in clearing the insurance claims faster which will be a big relief to the farmers. This app will cut out on the delay in approving the insurance claims of farmers, by accelerating the approval process.

The project will be piloted on rice and cotton crops in 4 agriculture intensive states of India including Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra. Upon success and learnings based on this project, the project will be launches in rest of the states.

How it is being done:

Data from satellites, drones based imaging and geospatial technology all put together will deliver timely and accurate data on the state of the agricultural crops. This data will then be accessible through the android based app as developed by ISRO. State government officials will use this data to assess the state of the crops thereby reducing the visit time in accessing the state of the crops.

India has come to the age where technology is not seen as alien and is being used to address challenges and solve the common problems.



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