India (Bangalore) Update: A Sunday Turned Memorable With IoT


Internet of Things is an intriguing concept and has garnered interest of one and all. Right from hobbyists to amateurs to innovators, everyone wants to get hands-on with IoT. India has the right IoT ecosystem which is being nurtured by the Government and Industry alike. A lot of innovation in the form of start-ups is driving internet of things in India.


To begin with, many thanks to HasGeek (Kiran and Zainab) and the team (Hari), in supporting our enthusiasm for IoT by offering space and hosting our meetup of IoT enthusiasts at their office.

A group of 35 people sharing a common passion for IoT, got together this Sunday in Bangalore to discover, learn, share and explore the Internet of Things. It was a diverse group of people right from students to hobbyists to professionals who were equally smitten by the concept of internet of things and wanted to deep dive into it.

The ball got rolling with the self-introduction which became a platform to bring forth the ideas and the work that people are doing in the IoT space. The participants spectrum included students who were looking at IoT to start their academic projects, people working in embedded systems and dabbling their hands into IoT, people working in adjacent fields like augmented reality but with an interest in IoT, software experts, hardware geeks, people looking for IoT based solutions for their metal industry challenges, start-ups offering industrial IoT solutions, start-ups into data analytics, digital marketers, people looking at a very path breaking application of IoT to enable context and geo-location based advertisements, people working on smart wearables and setting up retail outlets for electronic components to name a few.

With great diversity comes great learnings; time flew as the discussions got thicker and people got more involved. Ideas were put forth and discussed. At the end of it, there was a small breakout session which gave everyone a chance to interact with others informally.

Looking at the kind of enthusiasm that people share for IoT, one thing is for sure, internet of things has a long journey and this is just the beginning. Great many innovations and disruptions are on the way and this very group of people who meet to catch-up on IoT today are going to be the torch bearers and innovators of the technology tomorrow.



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