India: Aircel Venturing into IoT Enterprise Services, Partners with Tech Mahindra


Aircel announced yesterday that it had partnered with the leading tech firm Tech Mahindra to set in motion a few Internet of Things offerings in the Indian market. As per the reports, Tech Mahindra will source the expertise of Silicon Valley based Aeris Communications, which is considered as one of the leading IoT players in the world, to live up to Aircel’s expectations.


At a time when all the major telecom firms and tech giants from all around the globe are slowly turning towards IoT as the industry is poised to cover over 20 billion devices by 2020, Aircel’s decision to explore this field can turn its fortunes forever.

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Aircel didn’t disclose the financial details of the deal. IoT focuses on making life easier and hassle-free. For instance, it can prompt the street lights to go off when there is no traffic, cars to suggest the best parking spot or route to take when you’re on road, and the doctor to take necessary action when something is about to go wrong in patient’s body.

Aircel plans to offer various IoT solutions in various fields, such as smart city, connected vehicle and smart energy, to name a few. It hopes that the exposure to Internet of Things will help it understand consumer behavior and offer them the services that they want, thereby creating additional revenue monetization opportunity.


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