Importance of 4G LTE In Development of U.S. Smart City


The smart city seems to be the next big thing most of the countries want to try out. After UAE and India, it’s U.S. that’s been trending these days on social media and digital media due to its smart city initiative. Reports claim that smart cities are likely to grow at a rate of 22.5% between 2014 and 2019, which means that the total market size will increase from around $411 billion in 2014 to $1.13 trillion by 2019.

Kansas City, Mo. is witnessing one such smart city initiative as of now. If everything falls in line, Kansas will become the largest city with such facilities in North America. Once the development is over, operational structures like digital kiosks will start working and share important information related to the city with all the citizens on a real-time basis. Apart from it, these kiosks will also collect traffic information on a hour-to-hour basis to improve the overall system of the city going forward.

As of now Kansas uses 2G or Wi-Fi to fulfill all the data related requirements, but it will not make sense in the long run. There is no usage pressure at present, but as soon as the development is over, users will increase and so as the use of IoT devices. Wi-Fi may be bandwidth constraint in the future, which is why experts recommend the authorities to adopt 4G LTE as soon as possible. With 4G speed, Kansas will surely transform into a complete smart city in the future.



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