IFA 2015: Ovens, Refrigerators and Washing Machines are not Dumb Anymore


IFA this year unabashedly gave away to the home devices including ovens, refrigerators and washing machines which are not dumb anymore and have turned smart. But as per the Bauknecht Connectivity Survey 2015 which was presented at IFA, there is still a long way to go in terms of bringing the hardware and the software together for creating optimum IoT eco-system.  Samsung also voiced its view by saying principle of IoT should be motivated by people’s expectation and not by the technology.

Smart technologies introduced:-

  • Samsung introduced AdWash, a smart washing machine in which items can be added in between the washing cycle due to its 2 door feature.
  • Bosch introduced Stovetops with features to adjust temperature and intensity automatically based on sensor technology. Sensors track moisture level to automate the temperature adjustments.

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Our View:

A lot of innovation is happening in the IoT space and established companies and start-ups are equally in race in the IoT eco-system. But the final winner will be the company which understands the market and the consumer requirement and develops product accordingly. A pull strategy where the demand is generated from consumers end will work more than a push strategy where companies try to push unnecessary products into the market. Being sensitive to the customer’s requirements right at the ideation stage is extremely important in driving IoT towards mass adoption and not just making it a fancy of geeks. Eli Apple Jersey


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