IBM And Pfizer Collaborate For Parkinson’s Disease Care Research


Pfizer initiated one of its kind research collaboration deal with IT leader IBM under which both the companies would work towards developing remote monitoring solutions for Parkinson’s patients. At present clinicians don’t have enough high-quality resources to take care of patients suffering from Parkinson’s, which has prompted Pfizer to enter into this deal. This deal is a step closer in the space of IoT in healthcare.


IBM will use cutting-edge technology, mobile devices, sensors and machine learning to help researchers and clinicians with real-time disease symptom information. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to keep a close eye on patients’ improvement and make sure that clinicians have full access to the real-time health-related data, which can further result in prompt clinical trial design and swift therapeutic option development.

Parkinson’s disease, unlike many others, require continuous adjustments in the medication based on patients’ health position and disease progression. With the help of the latest technology of IBM, Pfizer will tend to keep an eye on patients’ routine activities like cognition, dyskinesia, sleep, eating, dressing, and grooming. Based on these inputs, health experts can easily assess overall progress of their patients and take right decisions. Such implementations of IoT in healthcare become classic usecases which helps in adoption of technology and making it mainstream.

According to WHO, neurological disorders like Parkinson’s diseases, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. affect over one billion families across the globe and account for 12% of total deaths. This initiative by IBM and Pfizer has the potential to bring down these numbers.

The joint project is likely to enter the clinical testing phase quickly. If you want to know more about this deal of IoT in healthcare, you can click here and clarify your doubts. Bobby Orr Jersey


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