IBM And ARM Come Together To Explore Internet of Things


With an ever increasing market of IoT, no tech company wants to leave any stone unturned to make a mark in this field. Amongst many other companies IT giants IBM and ARM have decided to adjoin hands to build IoT solutions. Both the companies jointly launched a wide range of alliance that are specially designed to make the integration of IoT gateways and endpoints easy with the help of IBM designed back-end analytics software.

According to Chris O’Conner, General Manager of Internet of Things Unit, IBM, both the companies will work together to provide access to Software Development Kits (SDKs) that make it easy to invoke APIs to build Internet of Things applications. These APIs will connect to IBM IoT Foundation that is managed by the company based on IBM bluemix PaaS environment running on IBM SoftLayer Cloud.

Adding to Conner’s comment, Krisztian Flautner, General Manager, IoT Business at ARM, said that the prime goal of this association is to provide uninterrupted connectivity between all the devices that are built using back-end IBM services and low-cost ARM processors.

Due to the presence of IBM bluemix platform, the alliance launched by both the companies is expected to set new records in IoT field down the line. With time, the popularity of IoT is growing among companies, which has prompted IBM to take this step and make things happen in real time. It will be great to see how far can these companies go and explore IoT to make the road for others easy. Evan Turner Authentic Jersey



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