HyperCat And Open Interconnect Consortium Adjoin Hands To Make IoT Devices


With an object to make devices more IoT friendly and discoverable, HyperCat and Open Interconnect Consortium have decided to enter into a partnership. A couple of challenges that IoT industry is facing at present are – finding relevant data from connected devices and using that date to make the devices talk to each other. HyperCat and Interconnect Consortium want to address these challenges and unlock opportunities that can be worth trillions of dollars all around the globe.


HyperCat has been working for a long time to develop a technology that could make devices addressable and searchable. At the same time, Open Interconnect Consortium craves to deliver an open source implementation, specification and certification program, which focuses on interoperability between devices. It gives a common platform to companies from different sectors, including automotive, enterprise, consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial, home automation, and wearable devices.

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If things work out well, OIC can look forward to using HyperCat’s technology to analyze resource types and then catalogue them, so that they can be searched by people. It can be useful, especially in complex environments.

Both the companies will keep users upto date  of the progress of this joint assignment from time to time.



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