Humans Working At Airport Control Towers Will Soon Fade Away


You may have been seeing dozens of humans at airports for taking care of ticketing, security, baggage, and many more tasks for years now, but soon they will all fade away.

According to a recently published report, Ornskoldsvik Airport of Northern Sweden has started experimenting with control towers that are capable of taking care of all the works being done by humans. All the planes that land here are watched by cameras and guided by controllers sitting at another airport located almost 90 miles away. They keep a close look at all the activities with the help of cameras that keep broadcasting live feeds to them.

Ornskoldsvik is the first airport to take such an initiative; however, one airport in the US and many in Europe are planning to implement this concept. It’s the first time when an airport is being managed by no human; hence, most of the airports across the world are in two minds as whether to keep controllers at the site or any controlling location outside the airport.

Companies building these control towers claim that the technology behind this towers is cheaper than the one used in traditional towers.

Camera technology is capable of spotting any human activity, blind spots and animals inside the airport or on runways in fog, rain or snow. Experts say that the camera technology is more efficient and accurate than humans. Due to its sustainability and unique approach the National Air Traffic Controllers Association has also decided to partner in all the tests concerning this initiative.


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