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Monday mornings!! The most dreaded day of the week. The sandman pours in so much of sand in your eyes at night that they just don’t want to open. The alarm clock keeps ringing, and you ignore it each time. Nothing can wake you up, not even a nuclear holocaust. And when you do decide to get up, you wake up to an utter mess. No time for breakfast, the geyser doesn’t heat up fast enough, no idea what to wear or where your car keys are. And of course, you are late to office, you did not remember to reply to the latest emails, your boss yells at you, so does your girlfriend….. there goes a long list of disasters. In short, a screwed up the morning. You have an irresistible urge to erase the day from your calendar and life but all you can do is sit and curse the day.

Can totally relate to it, can’t you?


But what if I told you Monday mornings could be an absolute bliss. Hard to believe right? This magic called the Internet of Things, when it entwines itself with your daily life, you can wake up to a wonder every morning! The Monday mornings would no longer be blue but bright and colorful. Imagine an ideal IOT Monday morning with me 

It’s 6:30am in the morning. I am still asleep but my phone wakes up. He then calls out to the Hue lights and says,”Hey let us have some sunshine for the master.” My intelligent Philips Hue Lights smile, they gradually adjust their brightness and arrange a great sunrise for me over the next 15 mins. The gradual increase in light intensity tells my body that the sun is rising. The pineal gland reduces the hormone melatonin that makes me sleepy and secretes the hormones cortisol and serotonin into my bloodstream. And I get up fresh and natural to my favorite songs and not to an alarm clock banging my head.

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Ah! Such a good feeling. I get up and thank my phone for all the generosity. It then pairs up with my television and displays the day’s schedule for me. He reads my emails out loud as I see it on the TV. While I am busy checking out the updates it’s 7am. My phone instantly instructs Mr. Geyser to heat up the shower water for a refreshing bath. 

7:20 am, I walk out of the shower and my smart wardrobe recommends me clothes based on the weather outside, my meetings and my mood as I dry myself in front of an intelligent wi-fi enabled mirror which has facial recognition and mood detection. My smart wardrobe assistant tells me what clothes should I wear for the day. Meanwhile, my phone signals my coffee machine and toaster to simmer up some coffee and get toasts crackin’ for the day as soon as the clock strikes 7:30am.

7:40am I am on my dining table with a hot cup of coffee and crisp toasts. I call out to my super smart phone, “Spit out some news” and there it is with advanced speech recognition and jargon interpreter knowing exactly what to do. I am in control, I am so in control! I get up to put my soiled dishes in the sink, this is when my smart ass dishwasher senses my presence and beeps a hello to me. It also tells me that it is out of detergent and needs a refill. So I push the amazing amazon dash button mounted on it to place a direct order to amazon for the detergent. One click confirmation on my phone and abracadabra it’s done!

It’s 8:00 am and about the time when I start for office. But wait, as usual, I can’t find my car keys. So I take my phone and turn it into a real-world search bar to find my high-end wi-fi enabled car keys that come with an attached location sensor. And there I find it inside my drawer. Woof, what a relief. So here I am, all dressed up, up to date with my work and ready to hop into my hi-tech IOT car, Interfacing with my schedule and online traffic information. It unlocks the moment I step towards it and the dashboard map is ready with the optimal route to my office. 

I take the car out of the garage, I command my virtual assistant , “Complete Shutdown for the house.” It understands me and sends the message to the actuators. The IoT-connected lights and devices in my home get the signal to switch off and conserve power. My door gets locked and it won’t open unless someone with the authorized biometrics unlocks it. And there I go vroom! A perfect kickoff to the week.

Look how sorted my Monday was. And this is not a Jetsons’ Family cartoon story. These things are for real, and within a year or two this might be a common household story. All this and more by the power of Internet of things, rather Internet of everything.This technology is building the present and the future. 


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