How Can Huawei’s Hi-Link Unify The World of Internet of Things


With most tech company trying to make the best use of prevailing market opportunities in the internet of technology field by launching devices that support IoT and M2M communication, challenges towards standardizing it are increasing at a swift rate.

The basic concept of IoT revolves around how well can different devices communicate together without any manual interference. However, establishing a seamless communication among devices manufactured by different players is easier said than done. Like the world with no French or English, it’s rare to see two devices manufactured by different companies understanding each other’s language. That’s where the need for a standardized solution arises, which can work as a translator for different devices supporting Internet of Things technology.


The largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the world, Huawei has come up with a device that can bridge this gap. According to a recently published report, the Hi-Link network devices of the company can understand multiple languages and work perfectly fine with them. Huawei intends to unify the network rather than devices, which makes the perfect choice for billions of devices supporting internet of things.

With Hi-Link around, all tech companies need to do is to manufacture devices that support the protocol used by Huawei in Hi-Link. Security is a major concern for most of the companies working in the IoT field. They can look up to Hi-Link as it will manage passwords for different devices as well as provide them five-layer security to safeguard against hacking attempts.

Huawei has contracted with connectivity giant Broadlink and appliance king Haier to create solutions and devices that can support Hi-Link. There are possibilities that any other company can also try to enter this market and offer something like Hi-Link in the coming months, but Huawei doesn’t tend to think of a Plan B here.

Given that Huawei is a major player in global wireless router industry, there are strong possibilities of Hi-Link becoming to IoT devices what Bluetooth is to smartphones. Click here to know more.


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