Heartbleed Continue To Bug Internet of Things Devices Owners: Shodan


It’s been over 12 months since Heartbleed was launched, but its security flaw has not stopped haunting more than two lakh IoT devices. John Matherly, Founder of Shodan, posted a map on the official page of the company that unveiled the location of all the IoT devices that might be exposed to this security flaw. He also Tweeted:

FYI: there are more than 200,000 devices on the Internet vulnerable to Heartbleed pic.twitter.com/fQavZJJmNW

— John Matherly (@achillean) September 15, 2015

Image courtesy @achillean

Shodan is one of the young firms focusing on IoT devices and various security threats that they might be exposed to. As per the reports, Heartbleed was first launched in 2014. A minor security fault in Heartbleed allowed a cyber attacker to hack into an OpenSSL software library and extract confidential information like passwords and user data from a device.

Many users updated their software to get rid of the vulnerability but still there are over 200,000 devices that may be exposed to this threat. Probable reasons for this issue can either be ignorance by users or a simple fact that their devices cannot be patched.

The recently posted map by Matherly shows that out of all the vulnerable devices 57,272 are based out of USA, 21,060 devices are in Germany, 11,300 devices are in China, 10,094 devices are in France and 9,125 devices are in UK.



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