GTX Corp Gets New Patent For Location Based Monitoring Platform


GTX Corp., better known for offering personal location wearable technologies, has been given another patent for its location based monitoring platform. The patent no. 9,219,978 is the newest edition to company’s  patent portfolio and total communication protocol patents. As per the reports, GTX applied for another patent recently under the ‘286’ banner to ensure that it can easily file many more patents under the same banner in the coming years.

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According to company’s patent counsel, Larry E. Henneman, Jr., more and more valuable inventions are happening on daily basis, and to ensure GTX doesn’t lose this game to any other company, it’s important to get the patent within the stipulated time period. The value of these patents goes far beyond the core footwear application business, into areas like fitness wearables, GPS watches, tracking apps, hand-handled GPS devices, and other related products.

The entire senior management team is delighted to get this patent for their location based monitoring platform and hopes that it will continue to come up with new products from time to time. As of now, it has three patents in its name: US 8,760,286, US 8,154,401, and US 9,219,978, which are related to all the generic devices that include a location detector, a communication device and data memory.

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