GSMA Welcomes New Technology Standards For Emerging LPWA Market


GSMA announced that the mobile industry had come to terms with new technology standards for rapidly growing LPWA market. As per the reports, these standards have been accepted by 3GPP.


According to Machina Research, industry alignment over Extended Coverage GPRS (EC-GPRS), Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE Machine Type Communication (LTE-MTC) will help the operators and their partners to capitalize the prevailing market opportunities in the best possible way. It further adds that this market is likely to go past US$589 billion valuation in next four years and cover 47% of the M2M industry.

New technologies that are set for 3GPP Release 13 will contain all the LPWA use cases to ensure customer choice and help IoT industry to grow in the near future.

The ‘Mobile IoT Initiative’ of GSMA is currently supported by 27 of the most sought after OEMs, mobile operators, modules, chipsets and infrastructure companies. It’s working hard in the direction to enhance the development of LPWA solutions.

If everything goes as per plans, this initiative will help GSMA launching multiple commercial solutions by the end of 2016. There is a 3GPP ad-hoc working meeting proposed by GSMA during 18-24 January with a primary focus on giving the final touch to NB-IoT standards.

NB-IoT forum is a part of the Mobile IoT initiative led by GSMA and focuses on developing a fully functional global NB-IoT ecosystem, which will create Open IoT Labs available to all the module vendors, mobile operators and application providers. You can click here and know more about the Mobile IoT initiative of GSMA.


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