Greenwave’s AXON Can Integrate Residential And Mobile IoT Into Single Managed Service


This year’s Mobile World Congress has witnessed many IoT related announcements. In this series, Greenwave Systems announced AXON for Mobile IoT; its latest module extension to AXON Platform. With the help of this platform, telecommunications operators, mobile carriers and other service providers can unite their residential and mobile IoT networks into a singled manageable network.

smart home3

It not only reduces the workload, but also helps service providers create additional revenue streams by introducing new and innovative services on a single manageable network. It’s showcasing the AXON for Mobile IoT solution at MWC event; users interested in witnessing it live can pay a visit to Greenwave there.

Talking about AXON for Mobile, Greenwave CEO Martin Manniche, said that M2M services run on two separate network platforms; one that supports the smartphone and the other that supports the application. Few Examples of such M2M services can be home automation, smart homes, etc. With the help of AXON for Mobile, these two platforms can be combined into a single manageable platform, making it easier for the users to enjoy better infrastructure without additional upgrades or installation.

Greenwave seeks to enhance user experience to that level where they can enjoy uninterrupted data transmission without having to worry about security concerns. It plans to offer this platform for following applications:

  • Surveillance – monitoring, security;
  • Tracking – animals, people, cars;
  • Smart Cities –parking, pollution control, traffic, and
  • Health Care –general monitoring and health data.

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