Google To Develop Diabetes Tech, Adjoin Hands With Sanofi


Google is known for maintaining a mixed portfolio of businesses ranging from IT to social media and healthcare. To take its healthcare efforts to another level, Google’s flagship company Google Life Sciences has decided to adjoin hands with Sanofi so that it can develop products that can be useful for diabetes patients. Sanofi is a French pharmaceutical company that’s known for developing critical drugs. Under this collaboration, both the firms will focus on product development and coming up with new methods to monitor the condition of the patient.

When reporters contacted both the firms, they declined to give out any detail. But experts claim that Sanofi will handle the product development part while Google will look after analytics, low-power chip design and miniaturized electronics. It’s not been more than a few weeks since Google Life Sciences was declared as a separate entity under Alphabet, and it has already formed partnerships with well-known biotech giants like Novartis and Amgen.

Diabetes treatment costs a lot in the United States. According to an estimate by American Diabetes Association, the country spent over $176 billion on diabetes treatments in 2012. Along with huge bills, patients have to get rid of huge data files as well. Google wants to solve this mystery of huge data compilation and massive bills with the help of Sanofi. It’s not the first time when any tech company has shown interest in diabetes treatment. CVS and IBM had had launched a diabetes product earlier in 2015 while the well-funded startup One Drop is also trying to get into this field.

It will be great to see how fast can Google come up with a permanent solution for offering cheap and quality treatments to diabetes patients.


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