Google: Taiwan Is Ready For Smart HealthCare Services And Smart Factories


Taiwan has resources in place to get exposed to smart healthcare services and smart factories, said Chien Lee-Feng, Managing Director, Google Taiwan. According to a report published on Focus Taiwan, Chien accepted that Taiwan has a great potential in IoT field.

While addressing the audience, he said that the government of Taiwan’s working on an initiative to upgrade its manufacturing sector so that it can make the best use of Internet of Things. The application of IoT has been bolstering at a great pace in Taiwan for some time now, and the government expects it to get doubled in the course of time.

According to Chien, many manufacturers have set up their factories outside Taiwan lately, but with increased use of IoT government can pull them back and upgrade the overall economy. The country is known for high-end medical and healthcare services across the globe, and by using IoT it can achieve a leadership position in the smart healthcare field.

With the help of technology, Taiwan can look forward to outsourcing its medical and manufacturing services to other countries like China. However, the development of smart healthcare system and smart factories will take some time. Until then, Taiwan can work towards introducing IoT in other fields to make the best use of the prevailing market situation.


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