Google Home V/S Amazon Echo: What Should You Choose And Why?


At a time when people thought that no company would dare to take on Amazon Echo in a multi-billion dollar market, Google announced its newest offering, Google Home – a voice-enabled intelligent speaker, at its developers conference on Wednesday. According to a Google spokesperson, Google Home is equipped with far-field voice capabilities just like Amazon Echo, which means that users can easily command the device from across the room.

google home

In an era led by IoT and connected devices, Amazon Echo rules the smart speaker segment. However, with the launch of Google Home, competition is likely to touch newer heights in the coming months. Both the devices target the same market segment; therefore, it’s very important for customers to know as which of these two deserves their hard-earned money and attention.

Amazon Echo: The tube-shaped speaker that was launched in 2014, comes with Amazon’s intelligent voice assistance service. Over the past two years, Amazon Echo has managed to sell over three million units.

Google Home: It’s probably the only device that can give Amazon Echo a hard time in the market. Just like Android Smartphones, users can simply say ‘Hey Google, or Ok Google’ and  start Google Home. Google just gave a sneak peak of what users can expect from its newest offering. The release date will be announced towards the end of 2016.

The hardware of Google Home is built on the Google Assistant, which will enable the device to interact with users in an efficient manner. One of Google’s spokespersons said that Google Home could do a lot more than what Amazon Echo was capable of.  Though primary role of Google Home is somewhat related to entertainment and music, it can also be integrated with Chromecast products and used accordingly.

Taking a step ahead than all other competitors, Google announced that Home could control smart home devices and execute tasks like increasing thermostat’s temperature or switching on/off lights. Over time, Google Home will also start supporting services like food delivery or on-demand car services.

Amazon Echo v/s Google Home: Whatever Google Home can do, Amazon Echo can also do. However, Google has got nearly two decades of experience in voice control feature, which gives it an upper hand in this battle. Amazon Echo is already an established brand in the market, and Google will need a lot more than just present-day technology and world famous voice control feature to grab the first position.

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