Global Satellite Engineering Partners With Stream Technologies To Demonstrate LoRaWAN Backhaul Using Iridium Network


With Global Satellite Engineering and Stream Technologies partnering to demonstrate LoRaWAN backhaul using Iridium network, it’s clear that a reliable communication for IoT from anywhere on planet earth isn’t going to be a dream anymore.


Stream Technologies is known for its world-class connectivity solutions in Internet of Things field whereas Global Satellite provides cutting-edge engineering solutions for the satellite industry. The demonstration of LoRaWAN backhaul was done in an event taking place at LoRa Alliance Open House, located in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The main objective of this event’s to enable simple interoperability for M2M and IoT solutions. With the help of LoRa capabilities over Iridium network, customers will be able to use ‘pop-up networks’ in remote locations, taking full advantage of world-class features and flexibility provided by both of these technologies.

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The demonstration opens a new door of possibility for using LoRa network where there’s no cellular coverage, and opting for multiple satellite end points costs a lot more than what people can afford in their day-to-day life.

The management teams of both the companies are delighted to announce this demonstration and hope that it will help them unearth new possibilities to make IoT and M2M communication more reliable and convenient.


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