GE Adjoins Hands With Cisco, Genpact And Ansys To Boost Productivity And Harness IoT Capabilities


In an attempt to enhance productivity and IoT capabilities, General Electronics has partnered with different business leaders, including Genpact, Cisco, and Ansys.


GE And Cisco

Aiming to deploy its Brilliant Manufacturing Suite within Cisco’s world-class IT environment, GE has partnered with Cisco. It looks forward to creating a future where machines can work efficiently and produce zero downtime with less waste. It believes that the combined architecture of both the companies “Architecting a Robust Manufacturing Network for the Internet of Things” can pave a way to capture digital thread capable of capturing machine date with 100% efficiency on the factory floor.

GE And Genpact

Genpact has announced its participation in the Predix early adopter pilot program of General Electronics. With the help of this move, Genpact looks forward to testing, developing and demonstrating different solutions that can help businesses derive accurate insights from data, harness the power of industrial internet and improve the operational efficiency to generate cost efficiency, growth and business transformation.

GE And Ansys

Just like Genpact, Ansys has also participated in GE’s Predix early adopter pilot program to combine its leading engineering simulation platform with the Predix cloud platform of GE. Both the companies demonstrated a pilot integration of Predix industrial internet platform and ANSYS flagship simulation platform at Minds + Machines event that took place in San Francisco.


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