Fuchsia Is Google’s OS For IoT; Runs Virtually On Everything


Google is known for building operating systems from time to time; however, the one it’s working on at this moment seems unique than others. The new Fuchsia, Google’s OS for IoT is an open source operating system which has been designed by Google to scale internet of things devices as well as PCs and smartphones.


Its kernel comes with features like capability-based security model and user modes. In a recent report, Android Police claimed that the new Fuchsia comes with support for 64-bit Intel-based PCs and advanced graphics. Not to mention, it uses Dart programming language.

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As of now, you can run the new Fuchsia, Google’s OS for IoT on a virtual machine or a computer depending upon the requirement. Going forward, it will start supporting Raspberry Pi 3 as well. The way many market experts are talking about Fuchsia, it seems like the next big thing that can run on virtually anything and everything. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will become superior to Brillo, Android or Chrome OS in the coming days.

Whatever be the case, users will have to wait and watch to know the final status of Fuchsia. Right now it’s in the experimentation phase, which may or may not lay the groundwork for something very huge.

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