Ford Eyes Luxury Travelers In India With ‘Sensory’ IoT Billboards Experiment


Digital billboards aren’t new to Indian market; however, the way Ford has decided to use them in its new campaign is mind-blowing. In an attempt to catch the attention of high-net-worth individuals and first class travelers in India for the launch of new Mustang which is worth 85 lakhs, Ford has taken creativity to all new levels with IoT billboards.


Created by Kinetic Worldwide, the new campaign features IoT billboards with red carpet connected to a huge screen via Arduino technology. As of now, these IoT billboards have been installed at an Indian airport in order to create a buzz about the new Mustang. Whenever a traveler approaches the carpet, the billboard emits the wind and also make the noise of the revving of the Mustang engine. Some IoT billboards even emit artificial smoke.

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Kinetic India’s Creative Director, Sommnath Sengupta, said that a more immersive experience would lead to a greater ROI. Most of the first class travelers prefer to enjoy luxury and comfort over everything else. A creative campaign like this would band together with them.

The campaign has already started showing results in the form of increased test drive requests for Mustang. Going forward, Ford will run this campaign across the country. More details can be found hereNiklas Hjalmarsson Authentic Jersey


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