Filament To Power IoT Through Tap Equipped With Bitcoin And 20-Year Battery Life


The Internet of Things is slowly making its move into all the fields. With endless possibilities and excellent opportunities waiting to be explored, companies are inclined towards improving their IoT efficiency. However, the dearth of proper resources haunt them to move ahead. Companies like Filament can prove to be their savior in such critical situation.

According to reports, Filament is equipped with a network technology having 20-miles range and low power requirement, which can fulfill all the IoT-related needs of the companies. The best thing about this technology called ‘Tap’ is that it works with Bitcoin system, a premier alternative for traditional currency.

As per the reports, these Taps can directly be plugged into your platforms or sensors for an initial period of two decades. The company also has an embeddable version of this technology that can directly be attached to the circuit board while manufacturing process is still going on.

Since its first Indiegogo campaign two years back, Filament has raised over $6 million funding.

Tap is capable of using a special frequency especially designed for the industrial, medical and scientific equipments, which helps it achieving the highest possible range in a hassle-free way. However, Filament needs the FCC certificate before it can start selling this technology in the US.

Filament’s high-end technology facilitates the use of Bitcoin for all the transactions taking place through it. Suppose two different devices connected through Filament need each others’ services; they can do so in moments by using Bitcoins. The software will be open-source and free to end users; however, enterprise customers are likely to pay around $10-$12 per Tap.


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