Fiat Chrysler U.S. To Call Back 7810 SUVs Amid Hacking Rumors


IoT is a boon for the tech industry, but one wrong step and it can become the biggest nightmare. It gives auto manufacturers the power to virtually control their vehicles. Such power can restrict the attempts of robbery, killings and other tasks that criminals do and then get away easily. But at the same time, if hackers can breach the security, IoT can be used for doing criminal acts that aren’t possible otherwise.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles U.S. has decided to call back over 7,810 SUVs to prohibit any hacking attempt. The company looks forward to updating the software for radio so that any probable hacking attempt can be prohibited. FCA US LLC, formerly known as Chrysler Group LLC previously called back 1.4 million vehicles in the United States to upgrade their software.

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The decision to update the software was taken after a few cybersecurity experts turned off a Fiat car’s engine from a remote location by using the Internet. The issue raised the concerns over the safety of vehicles owners, which prompted the company to take such a decision instantly. FCA denies the awareness of any injury caused by the software explosion in its SUVs so far.

The recalled cars comprise of 2015 Jeep Renegade SUVs having 6.5-inch touch screen. Along with recalled vehicles, the company will update the software in unsold vehicles before they are sold by dealers.


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