Facebook’s Parse Unveils New IoT Focused SDKs


Facebook-owned Parse has decided to reveal the new catalogue of SDKs (software development kits) with the prime objective of serving connected hardware and device platforms. These SDKs have IoT in mind and include chips designed from Atmel, Intel, Broadcom and Texas Instruments.

According to a recent announcement by Parse team, these SDKs can be used for developing small-scale projects as well as large ones. It’s not the first time when Parse has taken any IoT-focused initiative. Earlier, the company came up with a few SDK during the Annual F8 Summit of Facebook that took place in San Francisco in March 2015. At that time, it focused on unveiling development kits that could help developers integrating data from different virtually connected devices.

Parse claims to have powered over 800 million pairs of active app-devices with the help of its SDKs. Parse, an active cloud-based platform of cross-platform tools and services, was bought by Facebook in April 2013. The amount paid by the social media giant to crack this deal is undisclosed. Over the past couple of years, Facebook has developed Parse in such a way that could help it integrating more and more third-party apps.

Parse has its presence in Africa, Middle East and Europe. Domata Peko Jersey


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