Everything You Want To Know About Smartphone Controlled Raspberry Pi IoT Smarthome Kit


A product by Pridopia from UK.

With ever increasing market of Internet of Things, developers these days are craving to take things to all new level and transform them into smart objects. In this series, Tony Chang, a young developer from Nottingham, UK has designed a project that lets you control up to 12 devices at your home from any virtual location. With the help of the Raspberry Pi Smart-home IoT Pi System, designed by Chang, you can switch on/off light, AC, kitchen appliance, washing machine, etc. even when you are not at your home.

“The Smarthome Internet of Things Pi System has limitless functions and can leave you speechless.”

Smart Home IoT Ecosystem
Smart Home IoT Ecosystem

How Does IoT Pi System Work?

It’s easy for pro-developers to understand the complex structure of this system; however, beginners have to put in really good efforts to get comfortable with it. To start with, people can use the IoT Pi-R1 kit to switch ON/OFF devices at their homes through the internet from any remote location. The only condition is a smooth internet connection with Ethernet or Pi Wi-Fi. Each IoT Pi system is made of different boards having unique serial numbers and model numbers.


To establish a secure and uninterrupted connection, these serial and model numbers should match with the data available on the cloud-based IoT database of Pridopia; the company that has designed this system. As soon as the connection is established between company’s cloud platform and boards, its IoT Pi software will detect the system and Pi module boards. The data collected through this procedure is updated instantly in the cloud platform of Pridopia.

Objective Behind Developing Pi IoT Smarthome Kit

The prime objective of Chang and Pridopia behind developing this system is to make people realize how Internet of Things can change the world around them and set them free.

What One Gets With IoT Pi Smarthome Kit

The kit is assembled, tested and verified by experts, and is available for use. Its real-time battery clock works on a cell battery to function, but due to selling restrictions and regulatory requirements, the company is unable to sell these batteries. The kit will work fine with Raspberry Pi B2, A+, B+ and Raspberry Pi A+, B+, B2 models.

Add-Ons With Board

Customers can choose if they want to use “A” High Pin’s or the “B” Low Pin on the smart kit boards. While low pins sit even with PCB, high pins extrude above it.

rp 3        rp4

All the add-on boards can be connected with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, B2 with the help of a 40pin connector. You can also think creative and link all of them via a cable.

IoT Power Board R1

The Revision 1 Power board available with this system makes room for 5v & 3.3v lines with a GND. The minimum required input voltage to run it smoothly is between 7.2v-19v.


IoT Power Board R2

The Revision 2 Power Board comprises of 5V and 3.3v Ground Sockets, 0.96″ OLED 128×64 Screen Socket, DHT22, HTU21D, and BMP180 Sensor Sockets, NRF24L01, ESP8266 Sockets, etc.

Web Interface of Pi IoT Smarthome Kit

It’s the only page that the user is required to use on regular basis. Based on the location, you are given a unique serial number that will help you keep a track of all the activities at one place.


Programming Page

If you happen to be a programmer, this is the page that you will like most. Here you can write different scripts and control how things function. From coffee maker turning on before you enter the kitchen to lights getting off at sharp 11 PM, you can fully control how things around you work. Soon, the company will provide a platform where you can post scripts for particular tasks and help others making their lives easy, too.



With the help of the Raspberry Pi Smart-home IoT Pi System, you can control (switch on/off) up to 12 devices as and when you want via a web interface from anywhere in the world. The only risk as of now is of costing. The manufacturing company Pridopia is trying hard to keep the project cost as minimum as possible to ensure that everyone can afford the Raspberry Pi Smart-home IoT Pi System.

For more details, you can visit their website http://www.pridopia.co.uk/pi-smarthome-iot.html


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